On the 10th of January we launched the Alpha-Version of our „Tangle Universe“ project. We are still working on it: https://tangle.publiciota.com/ .We already announced it in November last year in our article “Update Wikiota — Supporters are welcome” that we would like to publish a service provider database. This will be ultimately embedded in the overall concept of Wikiota with many other features. We are happy today to present this small, still unfinished section, and hope for your entry in the database Tangle Universe. Please give us feedback if something does not work or if you have suggestions for improvement. We are now developing quickly.

This project aims to bring transparency to the areas of services, projects and supporters. We do not want to build a second IOTA ecosystem here and therefore we have a very different focus. In many cases we were asked by persons but also by companies, who offers IOTA and Tangle services in the regional area and which information network is available nearby. For example, there are questions such as: where can I find a suitable developer or service provider for an IOTA project or which regional network, for example, for information on projects with the Tangle, can I join. Furthermore, there are questions about regional events on the subject of crypto currencies, Internet of Things, DLT´s for example. Questions are also asked about specialists and services in the various areas, for example such as the supply chain, smart energy or smart cities.

We have now decided to launch this project called “Tangle Universe” that deals with many of the questions above. This “Who´s Who” in the area of Tangles should give answers to many questions. In addition, it should strengthen the network idea.

It is a database project that should facilitate the search for suitable services. The aim is to further disseminate the technology of IOTA and Tagles and also to point out to newcomers as well as companies the important services, projects and contact points for questions.

Everyone has the opportunity to subscribe to this database and we would be very happy if many of you do so. The more you enter into this database, the greater the transparency. The process of entry is quite simple. You register in the database and then you can directly create your listing. To start your listing you choose from 6 different categories: Application, Developer, Exchanges, Events, Services&Projects and Supporter.

I would like to give some explanations:

Applications will be the future of IOTA and the Tangle. Both applicable applications and applications under development can be entered in this category. We want to strengthen the network of ideas.

Developer have to play a very special role because they are the key to the applications. In this category, the developers can register and list their priorities.

Exchanges: Currently there are still few trading venues, but in the near future it could become confusing. Especially for the beginners it is important to know the different possibilities and trade opportunities.

Events: Here you can quickly and easily publish your event related to the Tangle. Those who are in the regional area can be addressed well.

Services & Projects: They’re getting more and more. Good service providers and promising projects. Meanwhile, service providers offer a lot to handle successfully projects with IOTA and Tangle. Enter your projects and the services you offer in this category.

Supporter: This category refers to supporters but also regional networks. Throughout the world, networks have established that deal with IOTA and the Tangle. The regionality of the listing can promote transparency and networking for those who are interested.


Through your login to the database „Tangle Universe“ you have the opportunity to create and to change the listing at any time or delete it. The entry is free, but of course we are happy about a donation to further develop this service. We are still working on this database, but hope that many of you are already registering. After registration you have the possibility to fill in your listings. This does not take a long time. After our approval, the listing then appears in the database and is displayed on the world map.