IOTA is a great option for the Australian IOT

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“The value of the IoT industry in Australia, which includes hardware, sensors, backbone capacity, network capability, apps and solution services, is already worth close to A$19 bn. However, unlike the overall ICT market, which is growing only slightly faster than GDP, IoT related products and services areincreasing at a significant 14% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), and are expected to reach close to A$30 bn in five years’ time. While the IoT industry globally is dominated by multinational heavyweights, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Siemens and GE, a study identified significant opportunities for Australia to develop its domestic industry further.” Compleate text here The Complete Study is here

I´m IOT expert and I see in IOTA a great opportunity to perform important functions for the Australian IOT and I’ll soon have a blog about this.

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