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In this 3-days IOTA developer training you will learn everything you need to know to build your first IOTA application.

This course gives you the know how to understand the basics of IOTA and the theory
behind it. It then dives into hands-on development: how to send and read a
transaction to and from the Tangle by using the available libraries and
evaluates on the usage of IOTAs MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging). Finally
the learned will be used to develop an Audit Trail PoC Application with IOTA.

This is a hands on course. With several pair programming sessions per day and TDD
(Test Driven Development) approach. We will answer all your individual questions in that topic.


Day 1

  • IOTA Protocol Basics
  • Development tools
  • The Theory behind IOTA

Day 2

  • Network and Infrastructure setup
  • Private Tangles
  • IOTA Development, libraries and working with transactions

Day 3

  • MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging)
  • Audit Trail PoC Development


  • This is a hands-on course with several coding sessions
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Engineering or computer science background
  • Basic understanding of what a Blockchain and the IOTA Tangle is
  • Additional useful IOTA online resources will be sent to the participants before the training

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