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POST SCRIPTUM is a gothic Cross-Reality game universe, built on distributed registry technology – the first of its kind in the Paracosm ecosystem.

The purpose of Post Scriptum is to work out the principles of creation, evolution, and development of the game community, paracosm economies, as well as technical infrastructure for the platform: from distributed registry to a virtual reality suite.

It is an online turn-based token game for 2-6 players in the setting of Post Scriptum. Each creature or character here is so unique that the entire history of their victories and defeats is recorded in a distributed registry and available for everyone to view. Every battle, every victory is a plus to the value of the token… both real and virtual! Here are some key points of the collectible token game:

  • Turn-based tactics;
  • Unique Personal Tokens;
  • History of all tokens and games is written to the distributed registry;
  • Digital token = real token.